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    Fuchs is the company based in Germany with the history of more than half a century since its establishment,who is known for its wide spectrum of quality spice and seasonings.

    Fuchs China

    Fuchs China Foodstuffs Co., Ltd located in Anqiu city, Shandong Province was established in the year 2000. It’s a wholly owned subsidiary of German based Fuchs Group. Today we supply our global customers from this factory with over two thousand tons of spices and seasonings a year.

    Our Procurement Source Tracing

    We always strive to provide innovative and high-quality services to various customers: food manufacturing, catering, and retail sectors.

    We have a professional research and development, sales, marketing, and regulatory team, which is a strong guarantee for providing customers with high-quality food solutions.

    Capture popular flavors in the Asian market, keenly understand food market trends, analyze consumer behavior data through multiple channels, and grasp the core consumer trends.

    Our product categories

    Fuchs Group provides spices, cooking trends, and food technology to serve a wide range of target groups and requirements in the food trade and food industry.

    service network

    Fuchs Group adheres to a consistent internationalization strategy and has achieved steady growth in the global market.